Melissa (assilembob) wrote in vegancooking,

Cookies using soy yogurt

I want to make cookies.
I have a huge tub of soy yogurt that needs using.
I think that a perfect way to make both these happen is to make cookies with soy yogurt.

Anyone have any recipes specifically using soy yogurt? I'm looking for any type right now, just something to use up that darn yogurt.

Tips on how to USE the yogurt in cookies (for those vague "replace X eggs" recipes)

I've never used yogurt to replace it's a new adventure for me and I'm either blind or there's nothing in the memories about it...I'm betting on blind. LONG day subbing for a middle school choir teacher.

Thank you a bunch.

EDIT: OHH-KAY. definitely blind, however not much specifically for using yogurt for cookies so yay I'm not totally dense.
I am specifically looking at making these:
--but wanting to use the yogurt somehow...
--can I just use the yogurt instead of veganaise?? I have the veganaise but I'm eating the heck out of it on sandwiches lately and it won't go bad for long long yeah. Yogurt must use ASAP
Tags: substitutes-dairy-yogurt, substitutes-eggs-for cookies
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