Jessica Lynn (dollhello) wrote in vegancooking,
Jessica Lynn

favourite desserts?

okay guys, i lurked the memories and found tons of recipes for desserts, but i want to know what your favourites are.

one of my teachers and i pick on each other all the time. today the topic of vegetarianism came up during class and i mentioned that i'm a vegetarian, becoming vegan, and he went to town with jokes about how vegan food tastes like cardboard, and meat is supreme. i wasn't offended, the class if full of people who know each other and joke all the time, but i am determined to show him (and the rest of my class) that vegan food can be delicious.

so! i want your very best vegan dessert recipes. cupcakes, cookies, bars, whatever. any desserts that you tried that turned out delicious. i've baked a few batches of vegan cookies, all were yummy, but none were really spectacular. i want to wow my class and prove to them that vegans don't munch on salad and rice all day.

thanks in advance!
Tags: desserts(uncategorized), desserts-cookies/biscuits, foods that non-vegans would like
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