kumquat (kumquatpie) wrote in vegancooking,

using agar agar bars?

Hey everyone!

I am having a big party on Friday, and plan to make the lemon bars from Veganomicon. At my local farmer's market, I couldn't find any agar flakes or agar powder, but I did find agar agar bars.

Here is a picture in case you're curious.

Now, while I know for every T of agar flakes, you can sub 1 t. of agar powder, but I haven't found anything on these bars. Has anyone used them before? Should I just break one into pieces, stick it in a food processor and then just use it as agar powder? I'd experiment, but I already have a bunch of stuff I'm doing for this party and don't want to end up killing myself.

Thank you! I've been googling around but haven't found anything useful.
Tags: agar-agar
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