modified_life (modified_life) wrote in vegancooking,

Winter wedding picnic ideas?

I'm considering a picnic reception for my wedding in October. I've already got a few good food ideas from browsing the tabs but I'd love to get some together in the same place that fit the following criteria:

1. Suitable for a picnic (I don't know if campfires/bbqs are allowed in our location so I'm gonna play it safe and say they're out but I can use flasks and insulated lunchboxes to keep things warm).

2. Suitable for winter, I've seen lots of lovely light ideas for summer picnics but I think we'll need something heartier.

3. Impressive to omnis.

4. Impressive generally, something fun/fancy/romantic for the special occasion

5. Wheat-free.

Thank you so much, I'll post photos after the event!
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, -vegan-weddings, foods that non-vegans would like, seasonal recipes-fall
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