stephaniek1985 (stephaniek1985) wrote in vegancooking,

What to do with a pound of raw walnuts?

A friend of ours who just stayed a couple nights while in town for a job interview brought along a bit more than a pound of raw walnuts fresh from his parents' farm. Yay!

I want to set a bit aside to make a pesto, but with the rest, I'd like to try some new things. So, what are all your favorite walnut recipes? The walnuts tag was a little sparse, but I did see a few interesting things there.

Really, I'm just out to try some tried-and-true recipes involving walnuts! I definitely prefer cooking to baking, and can't stand mushrooms or onions, but those are pretty much the limits--thanks so much! :)
Tags: -what can i do with...?, nuts-walnuts
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