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uses for tofu-based chocolate mousse mixture

so, i did something a bit stupid. i was making a chocolate mousse cake the other day and i absentmindedly added normal firm tofu (the kind you would cube and marinade) to the blender instead of silken tofu. yeah, i'm an idiot. moving on...

so, i now have a large amount of this blended with sugar, cocoa powder etc. it is totally wrong for the cake i wanted to make, so that's out, but it's actually not too awful - it has gone fairly smooth after lots of blending (although pretty solid) and it actually tastes ok. i guess it would, it's only soy, sugar and chocolate. anyway, my question is, can anyone think of anything i can do with this stuff? other than eat a little bit of it and end up chucking it? tofu is expensive and it would be a shame to waste so much.

anyway, any ideas appreciated!
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