craftyqweer (ppunkgoddess) wrote in vegancooking,

vegan sausage recipe

Hi all, I have searched tags and google to try to find a good home-made sausage (links, not patties) recipe and I found reference to one by someone called Julie, but the link is dead. (even the wayback machine/internet archive doesn't have it). None of the recipes in the posts with tags of "vegan sausage" included the recipe that I could see.

So, I'm asking here if anyone can post up Julie's recipe, or one which they have made themselves and can vouch for. I am looking for one which uses gluten flour if possible, and the idea of steaming them to get them into shape is appealing.

My daughter LOVES sausage and I can't get hold of any where I live, and the only place i can find them sells them for like $4 for 6 which is a bit exy for me since my kid likes to go to the fridge and nom down whenever she's peckish. Its pretty much one of the only foods I can guarantee she will eat.

Many thanks.
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