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Arrowroot in pudding question

So I love the chocolate pudding recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance.  It is absolutely delicious.  I just seem to have some difficulty with it.  I have made it three times and only the middle time did it come out perfect.  The recipe says to cook it for about seven minutes until it thickens and just starts to bubble.  I put it on whatever heat it calls for (I can't remember)  and then time it.  However, fifteen minutes later it hasn't even started to thicken at all.  I think I've heard that if arrowroot boils it loses it's thickening power.  Is that true?  I let this stuff cook and cook, and it's pure liquid, and then all of a sudden, over fifteen minutes in, it's just uber-thick.  Then when it cools it's this really weird texture (I still eat it all up, though!).  But then two or three days later, it magically turns back into a runny, runny liquid.  Should I stop eating it at this point?  Cause I continue to eat it.  The second time I cooked it I caught it in that magic millisecond before it turned to jello somehow, but still a couple days later it turned back into a watery-texture.  What am I doing wrong??
Tags: desserts-puddings, thickeners
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