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Vegetable Curry Couscous

I've been in Morocco for a month and have been experimenting with different couscous recipes. I finally found one I liked. The problem I was having was that most of the recipes I found online that claimed to be Moroccan couscous, had ingredients that you can't find in Morocco!

Like cayenne isn't Moroccan and you can't find it here. But all the recipes I found online called for cayenne pepper. With all the spices this place has, nothing is actually spicy.

Since I grew up in a Central American household, hot spice is now a necessity for me! I'm actually experiencing spicy food withdrawals and have been trying every hot sauce I could find here but nothing is actually hot! It's all mild or medium at best. I'm actually going to have someone ship some cayenne pepper here so I can get my spicy food fix.

So when testing out these couscous recipes, I had to skip over a lot of ingredients that I just couldn't find here. The stuff I made was eatable but it wasn't "OMG! just "meh".

But I was fortunate to come across some "curry hot powder" at the market and decided to try some veggie curry couscous. Curry powder isn't really Moroccan either but it's good and I was able to find it here!

So I looked over a few recipes online and made modifications based on the vegetables I had in the fridge...

4 cups of vegetable broth (I couldn't find one here that was vegan but I did find some instant vegetable soup mix that I used as a base and added 4 cups of water. It worked just as well)
1 large chopped red potato
1 large chopped carrot
Half of a chopped medium sized yellow onion
4 cloves of diced garlic
1 large chopped zucchini
Half of a chopped fennel bulb
3 diced fennel stalks for flavor (by stalks I mean that celery looking part of the fennel, not sure if there is a proper name for it)
1 can of garbanzo beans drained
1/2 cup of fresh or frozen peas
Curry Powder to taste
Salt to taste
3 cups of uncooked couscous

Start boiling the veggie broth in medium heat, add carrots, onion, garlic, potatoes, fennel bulb and stalk, garbanzo beans, peas and zucchini. I would throw in the zucchini and peas last since it does not take as long to cook and will get too squishy if you boil it for too long.

Add curry powder and salt to taste. I like a LOT of curry powder.

After all the vegetables are thoroughly cooked, put the uncooked couscous in a large bowl and pour the veggie soup mix on top. Mix thoroughly and cover for 5 minutes to allow the water from the soup to cook the couscous.

After 5 minutes, fluff the couscous with a fork to let out some of the heat or else it will continue to cook and get too soggy.

Serve by itself or with some harissa sauce or whatever hot sauce you prefer. The "curry hot powder" I bought was not hot at all so I had to add some form of hot sauce to it.

Obviously you can modify it to add tofu (no tofu here!) and whatever other vegetables you happen to have around the house. Curry makes pretty much anything taste amazing!
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