Siobhán (vondage) wrote in vegancooking,

Stew and Dumplings!

Perfect winter food. The stew was a basic vegetable stew, carrots, swede, parsnip and onion and the dumplings were all thyme-y, so so good. I love winter food!


For the stew I just fried up chunk of veg in a massive pan, added some flour then some stock and extra flavourings (tomato puree, bit of marmite, bit of garlic, bit of redcurrant jelly, bit of liquid aminos, bit of a whole load of stuff that's in my cupboards), brought it all to the boil and transferred it to an oven proof dish. I then floated the dumplings on top (one part fat (veg suet for me) to two parts flour, salt pepper, thyme and a little water to bind it all) and baked it for about 40 minutes. The smell in the flat was amazing!
Tags: main dishes-stews
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