Meghan (megamuphen) wrote in vegancooking,

Overcooked Beans

Hey, I have a question for ya'lls.

I've been a little spacey lately. I started some white beans cooking in my slow cooker on high last night around 6pm. I totally forgot about them. I woke up just now (almost 8 am) and noticed the beans still bubbling away. This is obviously much longer than required to cook beans (as they were on high). Are they still okay to use? They look a little... fallen apart, but I was just planning on making a white bean hummus out of them anyway, so I don't mind so much. They never ran out of water, so they aren't burned, just super cooked.


Oh, does anyone happen to have any non-chickpea hummus/spread recipes? I just planned on wingin' it, but if anyone has any great recipes already, I'd love to try them out.
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