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Creative cooking

I was studying at a fast-food restaurant the other night and I heard a girl order a grilled cheese sandwich with all kinds of condiments on it - pickles, onions, sauerkraut, ketchup... upon which my (vegan) husband, the waiter, stopped and smilingly remarked "Noone eats this creatively unless they are or have been a vegetarian." The girl laughed and agreed, that yes, she was one herself.
It made me think about how my becoming a vegetarian and then later a veg*n diversified all of the foods I eat now and how creative I like to get with the foods. For example, I love to put peanut butter, or chocolate and a bit of cinnamon in my chili (essentially, chili mole). Or fried tempeh sandwiches with grilled onions, Thai-accented peanut butter and roasted red peppers.
So I was wondering - what are some of your favorite 'creative foods' you like to cook up that you feel you developed due to your dietary/lifestyle change?
Tags: unusual food combinations
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