dayweletgo (dayweletgo) wrote in vegancooking,

Corned Tempeh

Has anyone ever boiled tempeh with pickling spices like corned beef? We're having this for dinner tonight and I normally just have the veggies and bread, but there are extra spices and I am curious...

Edit: I decided to go ahead and do this prior to anyone commenting. I tossed 2-3 tablespoons of pickling spices into about 3 inches of water with the tempeh. About 15 minutes after I started it I decided some olive oil would be good as well. It simmered for over an hour, turned that funky color corned beef is, and tasted ok. I think the pickling spice I got from my local coop was overpowering with cinnamon. Some vinegar maybe would have been nice as well. I ended up dipping it in a horseraddish sauce. All in all, it was a success - I'd try it again.
Tags: tempeh
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