xjmrufinix (xjmrufinix) wrote in vegancooking,

tofu grilling advice

So I am very comfortable frying tofu, and I have tons of at-work experience grilling things I don't eat (steak, chicken, ribs etc). I just bought a grill for my home kitchen and decided I wanted to start grilling my tofu to cut back on the fat. My first attempt looked great but wasn't even slightly crispy.

I did all the common sense tricks; pressed extra-firm tofu, marinade, oiling the grill....I don't really need recipes or anything, I'm just looking for some tips or something that I'm missing. I don't usually like the texture of frozen tofu, but would that help here? I ended up finishing the tofu with a sesame glaze in the oven but I'd like to be able to eat it right off the grill.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: techniques-tofu
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