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quick camping food

so, i'm a lucky person who works seasonally in a national park (yosemite), so i usually get two months off in spring and again in the fall.  since i never have enough money to travel internationally, i tend to just road trip and camp around the western states.  my bf and i have a very small trailer with a two burner propane stove, and a small cooler (not a fridge) and that is the extent of our cooking equipment while we're on the road.

since this is not the first time we've done this, i have a set of things that i usually cook, but after two months of eating pasta, burritos and stir fries we get pretty tired of them.  so, i was looking for ideas of quick cooking (20 minutes or less... we have to conserve propane) recipes that use no (or minimal) ingredients that need to be refrigerated.  any ideas?

and i don't mind hearing your pasta and burrito ideas, because you probably make them different than i do :)


EDIT:  i should also add that we always try to have veggies around that don't spoil easily... onions, garlic, potatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, etc.
Tags: pack friendly foods/camping trips
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