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just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever catered their own vegan wedding?
my boyfriend and i are starting to make serious plans and i'd like to make all our food to save money and just 'be sure' of everything but i'm not sure how do-able this is time wise and in terms of cost wise. is it still cheaper?
we're looking at having around 50-80 people too!
and i already plan on doing the cake so i'm starting to worry maybe i'm biting off more than i can chew...

my boyfriend and both of our entire families are omni so we'd also need something that's not 'too weird' too and that they COULD add cheese too theoretically, if they wanted to. i could maybe get away with a full vegetarian wedding but i don't think anyone invited would be ok with a full vegan one.

we're gonna be doing this most likely in upstate new york, if anyone knows anywhere good to get food there or in the city if cooking starts to sound too unmanagebale/we could get his parents to help on the budget.

if anyone has any tips or ideas or anything, i'd appreciate it!

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