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Blendtec or Vitamix

I'm willing to pay 300-400 dollars for a blender, and I can get my hands on either a Blendtec or Vitamix blender for that price.

My Oster sucks now. I paid about 40 bucks for it 3 years ago, and I've replaced the blades and gasket, but now it leaks disgusting yick out of the bottom of it (kind of gray), kicks off grease, and leaves that gray layer of liquid on the top of some of my smoothies. It also doesn't handle ice very well. I also hate the noise level, but I'm willing to deal with that in a blender I only have to run for a couple of minutes to get a perfectly smooth beverage over blending again, and again, and again. I'm so frustrated.

Here's what I know so far:

Both are noisy
Both are expensive

The Vitamix:
Has variable speeds
Has poking stick to push things around and down to the blades
Doesn't have programmed settings
Is taller than the Blendtec
Has an extreme fanatic following
Comes with a longer warranty (though this is debatable depending on where either one is bought and through whom it is bought).
Not digital
Is used in a commercial style at Jamba Juice (peeked when I was at J.J. today)

The Blendtec:
Does not have variable speed adjustment
Does not have poking stick
Has programmed settings like "ice cream" and "smoothie" and "soup"
Is more compact over all
Has digital readout that actually tells you how many times you've used a setting
Has a fanatical following thanks to "Will it Blend"
The internet says it is used by Jamba Juice
Comes with a lifetime warranty on the blades and another piece (but not the big pieces)

So, which do you all prefer, the Blendtec blender or the Vitamix?
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