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How to make choux pastry with no eggs?

I remember making a lot of "soesjes", profiteroles when I was a kid, and an important step was to incorporate a few eggs one by one. Has anyone here ever succesfully made these without eggs? I never even considered it, because the eggs seemed so important, but now I want them!

The recipe I used to use was this:

Bring to the boil 1,5 dl water w/ a pinch of salt and 75 gr of 'butter'. Add 75 gr of flour at once and stir till the dough turns into a ball that doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.
Take the pan off the heat and add 3 eggs one by one, each time stirring untill the egg is completely incorporated. Keep stirring untill the dough is shiny and "draws bubbles"*.
Spoon (2 spoons) little blobs of the dough onto a buttered tray or use a piping bag to make eclairs. Bake at 200'C in about 20 min.
After baking, cut open and fill. Preferrably fill w/ vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, and cover the lot in chocolate. 
Yields 12 large or 25 little profiteroles, or 'soesjes'.
*I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, I'm translating literally from Dutch here
Anyone have an idea? TIA!

(I used the tag for cream puffs because it sounded the most logical)
Tags: desserts-cream puffs, pastry, substitutes-eggs-for cream puffs
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