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Vegan White Cake

Can anyone share with me a vegan white cake recipe that doesn't contain tofu or anything "unusual" in it, preferrably one you have already tried and enjoy?

I work at a bakery and when they do egg free or milk free cakes they use this crappy recipe from an allergy website. It always turns out horribly crumbly and more dry than a good cake should.

I have veganized non-vegetarian cakes, but I have had only been using silken tofu in place of the eggs. My boss is an older lady and she isn't too keen on buying anything out of the ordinary to put in her recipes. She has been using ener-g egg replacer so that is acceptable in the recipe.

We are fine with the chocolate cake recipe, thank goodness, but nobody ever orders it anyway. They usually want white. I have been wanting to experiment, but I don't have time and would rather try an established recipe, that's why I'm asking.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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