nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vegancooking,

dips for fruit and veggies?

What are everyone's favorite recipes for savory and sweet dips? My campus job has a little employee "picnic" every year and the sign-up sheet was posted today for what everyone wants to bring. I may be the only vegetarian here (wtf), and almost definitely the closest thing to a vegan, so as you can expect I'd like something with broader appeal, and without a lot of weird ingredients.

-Veggie dip: was going to make a platter of baby carrots, bell pepper slices, celery, etc. When I was a kid my mom made this dip that was just dried veggie soup mix + sour cream, so something tangy to approximate that would be nice. (As a fall-back option I'm thinking hummus and pita.)

-Fruit dip: platter of strawberries, fresh pineapple, and whatever else is affordable. I have great recipes for chocolate ganache/hot fudge, but as other people are bringing cookies and stuff I wanted to try for something slightly different/lighter. Again, I'm remembering a dip from my pre-veg days: marshmallow fluff + cream cheese. Thoughts?
Tags: appetizers-fruity, condiments-dips
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