Brooka (desolation_no) wrote in vegancooking,

Tropical Green Smoothie (ala The Other Side Cafe)


I was visiting my brother in Boston last weekend and I was pretty determined to seek out some good vegan food since Boston is a vegan Mecca compared to where I live. Since I was dining with 3 omnis we tried out The Other Side Cafe (very hipstery) which seemed to have a good mix of vegan, vegetarian, and omni dishes. We were all very happy with the food, which seems to seldom happen with people of mixed eating habits. I got the vegan diner breakfast and as I was feeling rather extravagant the Tropical Green smoothie as well. It was my first time trying a smoothie with avocado in it and after a very sips of adjustment I realized it was delicious. So I made a note of the ingredients and tried making it at home today with success. I'd say mine was slightly more to my liking as I tweaked how much of the ingredients to put in.

-1 avocado
-the juice of 1/4 of a small lime
-1/4 of a fresh pineapple (de-rinded of course and chopped into chunks)
-a small handful of spearmint leaves
-splashes of almond milk as needed to get the right consistency
-a few small chips of ice just to make the smoothie cold

Throw in a blender and pulse away.

I feel really energetic and alert after drinking this, the same way I feel when I eat a raw meal. Definitely a good breakfast or lunch.
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