etomlef (etomlef) wrote in vegancooking,

Where do I buy "wet" seaweed? o_0

this is a strange question..

but an asian restaurant near me makes this amazing seaweed soup. it's a clear soup with a few mushrooms and a ton of big green pieces of thick, delicious seaweed. i'm on a total seaweed kick lately, and if i don't find some to make my own version.. i'm going to go nuts!

so the problem is that i can't seem to find seaweed at ANY stores. i've been able to find nori sheets for making sushi rolls, but that's it.

how would the seaweed even look? would it be wet? dried? is it produce? is it nonperishable? i have NO idea.

there's a whole foods 45 minutes away that i've yet to check out, but i don't want to drive there unless i know it's a sure thing.

am i out of luck unless i hit up an asian grocery store?
Tags: vegetables-seaweeds
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