the bumperless wonder (bumperless) wrote in vegancooking,
the bumperless wonder

Freezing Frosting?

It seems like someone posted a question recently about transporting cupcakes, but I wasn't able to find it.  I'm wondering if anyone's ever tried freezing cupcake frosting, or knows how it would affect the texture if I tried it.  I'm baking cupcakes for a birthday party (16 hours) out of town, and I don't want to frost them before we leave.  I'm bringing a day cooler for our road trip food, and I was thinking I could just stash the frosting in there, but I've never tried the cooler on a 16 hour trip before.  I'd like to freeze as much as possible before we go--would it mess with the texture of the frosting if I were to freeze it?  Or is it ok to freeze with some ingredients and not others?  I'm thinking of doing the Fluffy Buttercream and Coffee Buttercream frostings from VCTOTW, if that helps.  Thanks!
Tags: -travelling with food, desserts-cupcakes
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