your friendly neighborhood supercarrot (supercarrot) wrote in vegancooking,
your friendly neighborhood supercarrot

it's unmoderation time!

if you think you've posted at least 3 good entries that have been approved without being rejected first, leave a comment and i'll investigate and add you to the land of the living. i've been slacking on the unmoderating lately, and i'm hoping to be in a situation where i'll have less access to the internets at least until the end of august. (i'll hopefully know by the end of the week)

so that means less people having to go through the moderation queue with fewer mods at the helm and nobody in charge of approving the unmoderation, the better.

i'm going to screen comments, so you don't get embarrassed for asking. ask away!

if you don't ask now, you'll have to wait until at least mid september.
(in fact, if you have only 2 now, but make another suitable post any time between now and september, feel free to come back to this post at any time and submit your request to alert me of your desire to be unmoderated)

usually i meticulously go through my inbox for the unmoderating, but i just don't have the energy to do that right now. so you poke me. :-) it's a win-win situation. (if you're not approved this week, i'll definitely let you know what's standing in the way.)

p.s. don't forget to cite the source of your recipes. i've seen a bunch of uncited recipes lately.

::edit:: if you haven't posted entries in the community yet, please don't ask to be unmoderated.

and long-term members, please try to remember the last time you posted. was it held for moderation or did it go through immediately? if it went through, you're all good. no need to request anything here. (unless you want to go back on to moderation. muhahaha)
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