pumpkingirl71 (pumpkingirl71) wrote in vegancooking,

Cachupa, Cape Verdian bean and corn stew

This is my new favorite food. I wish I had an actual recipe : ) My best friend assures me that Cape Verdians don't write recipes down! But she did walk me through it. I just don't have any measurements. I make mine in the crockpot. She insists this is too small and if you are going to make cachupa, you should make a vat. I put about half a pound each of white and yellow dried corn (labeled milho para cachupa, white hominy, or samp corn depending on where you live, Goya and Gonsalves are good brands), and beans (large lima bean and rock bean are traditional, I usually use lime beans, pink beans and navy beans since rock beans can be hard to find) in my crock pot and cover with lots of water and a bit of salt in the morning. Set to high. A few hours later, check to see if more water is needed. Add a bunch of washed and chopped kale. About an or two hour before you are ready to eat, add a cubed butternut or buttercup squash. Right before serving, add whatever fake meats you like, if you want to. We really like lightlife bacon and savory "chicken". Season with salt, adobo, and pepper. I serve with hot sauce and olive oil. Oh, and fry leftovers in a pan with margarine or olive oil like hash browns, so yummy!
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