soozthecat (soozthecat) wrote in vegancooking,

Veganising Toad in the Hole?

Can't find a post or mention of this anywhere in the tags...

This Sunday I am going to my boyfriends brothers house with my boyfriends parents, for a Sunday lunch, and Toad in the Hole will be served.

I am going to be bringing my own food, but thought it'd be pretty cool if I could bring along a toad in the hole of my own making, partly to prove that I really am not crazy ;)

Does anyone have any other suggestions for good easy to reheat foods to take to other halves parents houses? His parents are lovely but I want them to be able to see that a. being vegan does not mean you just eat salads, and b. I am not starving their son by feeding him vegan foods!
Tags: ethnic food-british
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