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Vegan alternative to condensed cream of mushroom

*waves shyly from the background*

I was particularly addicted to canned cream of mushroom in my pre-vegan days, basically adding it to every pasta and rice dishes I could. There was an unfortunate event involving my vegetarian self finding a bone in one of those cans but as much as it disgust me to this day I have no idea why I'm mentionning it...

Anyway, I have been looking for a way to replace this in a cruelty-free way from a long time now! Using soy milk, cornstarch, oil and tahini with mushrooms is definitely tast, but not at all like the old stuff. But yesterday I had soaked then blended roasted cashews for fun and tried it on cold rice with slat, pepper and nutritional yeast. It was SO GOOD! Pretty darn close to what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, it only works cold (not that this is a problem for me, but it would be hard to make a family meal out of it...). I was wondering: was anybody more successful with warm dishes?

Thank you :)
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