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Dessert for Mother's Day

Please help me decide what to serve for dessert on Mother's Day!

I've been pondering it for days, and I just can't come up with what seems like the right idea.

I'll be serving a seitan/puff pastry appetizer thingie and stuffed mushrooms, followed by lasagna, not-caesar salad and copious amounts of red wine. A very heavy meal, I know. That's what mom likes on special occasions. And she also likes dessert - no matter how much the rest of us may not after all that food!

What's making it more difficult is 1) I need to be able to make it the day before and 2) I need to be able to transport it to my mom's place on the day of - as that's where dinner's taking place.

I'm open to all ideas, though anything calling for agar isn't going to work. I'm out of it, and getting more requires a "special trip" I won't have time to make before Sunday.

Thank you!
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