Melissa (assilembob) wrote in vegancooking,

Bugs in my food!


So when I moved, all my nuts, grains ect that were in bags and such were infested with bugs and I had to throw out a ton of food I couldn't afford to toss.

Now I open up some of my boxed rices and stuff and BOOM! Bugs. Somehow they even got into my huge canister of brown rice. I am going to cry.
I tossed the rice in the canister because there were MAGGOTS in it and I about vomited. The boxed rice is all dead bugs, nothing alive (so I managed to bring them to my new home because I didn't check the boxes, assuming since they were "sealed" they were ok. I was so very wrong)

A couple of questions:
1. How do I get rid of these stupid bugs for once and all? It appears they are only in one cupboard and my nuts and such are now in recycled jars so I am hoping they are ok...however since the Brown rice was infected and it was in a jar like canister I am worried.
2. How else can I store things??? I can't afford to buy stuff, hence the recycled jars.
3. And the bags of nuts. the ones you get in the baking section of the store, would those be ok since they are ziplock and pretty hearty bags? The bags infected at my previous house were the kind you get in the bulk section. The nuts in the plastic containers were not contaminated as far as I noticed. Also all my nuts are now in a separate cupboard and nothing up there seems to be messed up.
4. Would you RINSE the rice and look through it and eat it? The box mixes? Point being I am super poor. A lot of this came from food pantries and I used my limit this month already when I got produce and canned goods. I can't replace the food. And it's all I have!
5. Is it safe to assume that I should now store any box mixes in jars? (like take the rice out of the box and jar it, keeping the seasoning packet separate?
6. Do you think my dry pasta could be infected? I don't have the energy or time to check it now as I'm headed to work.

I have been using box mixes of rice (usually Near East brand) for YEARS and have even had some for years before as I am a food hoarder. Because I have cycles of bad luck like the one I am in where I have no money to buy food, so ideally I would be ok. Except this couldn't have happened at a worse time. I am literally unable to buy food at all for the remainder of the summer and even then worry because I don't yet have a teaching position lined up next year. I may end up back subbing and then I will continue this cycle. I am so beyond frustrated and stressed and this kinda just tipped the scales.
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