Alisonshine. (teamtriceratops) wrote in vegancooking,

So I accidentally bought 12-dozen lemons, S.O.S.

I went to La Tienda in a heavily latin-influenced part of St Pete and since in this one store they don't seem to know much English and my Spanish is not always great (even though I am in a class now working hard to improve it)-- They said, in Spanish:, "you want a dozen?" And I said, "yes, 12 please." And they thought I meant 12-dozen.

So now I have 144 lemons. What the hump do I do with all those? Lemonade, lemon pepper sauce, lemon vinaigrette -- check. Maybe use some for cleaning supplies and I will give some to friends, but that's still a lot of lemons.

Throw me all your lemony ideas please! Ones that use tons of lemon juice, preferably.


Thank you for all your comments and suggestions! I am overwhelmed by the response so am not going to thank you all personally as I had planned.

For those wondering, I was [very obviously] not paying attention when they were loading up my car (what great service!) because I was listening to a voicemail about getting an interview I've been angling for for weeks, so when I finally said "No mas, no mas!" they had loaded them up. It's easy to think "demasiado!!" when you are sat at home in your chair later but on my feet it was really trying and mortifying to not feel I was up to par language-wise. I donated about half of the lemons to a homeless shelter, who assured me the residents would be enjoying ice cold lemonade this weekend.

Ése es demasiados limones, por favor. Necesito solamente una docena.
(That is too many lemons, please. I need only a dozen). - I think this is correct

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