ameublement (ameublement) wrote in vegancooking,

ricotta in bulk?

anyone have any idea where I could find a white cheese substitute in bulk?

i'm asking because I work in an upscale (non vegan/vegetarian) restaurant at a country club where I'm always bugging the chefs to put SOMETHING vegan on the menu, and now that they're rewriting the menu, i've finally gotten them to comply. coincidentally, they have a vegan wedding to cater next weekend and the chef asked me where he could buy a good substitute for ricotta cheese without having to go to whole foods and pay tons of money to buy 30 containers of the stuff. and i'm not even sure whole foods has a ricotta cheese substitute to begin with. i suggested some sort of cashew cheese but he doesn't want to use nuts because it's a potential allergen.

ideas, anyone?
Tags: ethnic food-italian-lasagne, substitutes-dairy-cheese
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