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Easy "Pulled Porkish" Jackfruit BBQ! Mmm!

Hi there!

Just wanted to take a moment to post an easy, cheap and YUMMY recipe that is perfect for the summer! It replicates pulled meat, and is just super. The only trick for some may be getting the canned jackfruit, but it can be found at most any asian market. (or online I'm sure.)

Canned jackfruit (either in brine or water)
Your favorite bbq sauce
a little water
onion (optional)
jalapeno (optional)

Squeeze water or brine out of jackfruit
Put in slow cooker (or skillet if in a hurry.)
Add bbq sauce, a little water, sliced onion and jalapeno (i like mine spicy)

That's it! If in a slow cooker, leave all day. If in a skillet, cook at low for at least two hours. It'll slowly start to break apart, resembling shredded meat. Add water if it starts to get low.

I put it on a bun with cole slaw. I made up a basic, quick cole slaw this weekend:
shredded cabbage
shredded carrots
rice wine vinegar
pure maple syrup (didn't have sugar and it worked out swell)
squeeze o' lemon

Let it sit for at least 30 minutes

put on bun with heaps of bbq and eat! Seriously, guys, I went to an omni bbq this weekend and everyone ate this so fast, I didn't even get any. My one friend even referred to it as bird food before he saw and tasted it, (because you know how we vegans love us some bird food!), and later ate his words. HA.

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