your friendly neighborhood supercarrot (supercarrot) wrote in vegancooking,
your friendly neighborhood supercarrot

non-acid forming meals?

so, i'm away from home and my lovely pantry and my 100+ spices and flavorings for the next 3 months. this week i really started getting acidy whilst weeding the asparagus bed. it got so bad that i had to stop working altogether. (boss lady gave me deglycerinized licorice, and it worked so-so, tasted worse, and then i drank some ginger tea, and that also worked so-so. (i guess it all had something to do with the baked beans, saurkraut and carrot-rhubarb stew i had made the day before. (not all together in one stew. that's what it sounds like. no. the stew was for dinner, beans/kraut for lunch.)

then i thought. every single one of my easy to make not too many ingredient meals are all acidy. chana masala? check. chili? check. spaghetti? check! gah! i drew a complete blank on what i should make! i ended up making a red lentil and chickpea mush thing with only a teensy bit of my beloved biryani paste. but i don't even know if THAT's non-acidy. bah! right now i'm finishing up my baked beans because i don't want them to go bad. zantac for me tonight. *feels conflicted about the strawberries that are hanging out in their little box*
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