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Binding agent for Bread Pudding

So, I came up with a pretty excellent cranberry/walnut bread pudding recipe for a dessert special at work. I'm trying to convert it to be vegan for home use, but unfortunately I am much more experienced as a conventional cook than vegan cook. I have been successful subbing out two offending ingredients (milk and ice cream), but I'm not sure exactly what to use in place of eggs. They're mostly there as a binding agent, and to make a nice glaze on the top when it bakes. I can glaze the top without eggs but I have no clue how to bind things in a vegan fashion.

old bread, cubed
butter (veg oil or earth balance works fine)
milk or half & half (soy milk works fine)
whole eggs
dried cranberries
brown sugar
diced granny smith apples (these are sauted with butter/butter sub with some brown sugar until they become less firm)

I mix all these things together in a deep pan til the bread is soggy but not so much that liquid pools at the bottom of the pan. I chill it overnight and bake it the next day until the top is brown and crispy. I serve it with vanilla ice cream, which I would obviously swap for soy or rice ice cream.

If anyone has a good idea that I can get to work, I will of course post the recipe (in a more exact form). Thanks in advance!
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