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recipe needed: pad thai / laksa

hi everyone, i'm super duper craving thai food recently, and i have little to no experience with it, bar making a kick ass thai green/yellow tofu curry every once in a while (and boy do I know how to rock that shit).

Anyway, I'm craving pad thai like uuuungggghhhh. used to be my favourite thai dish pre-gan, so I'm super keen to have a go at recreating it.

Also, laksa keeps floating into my mind as a nommy food to eat and heat myself up.

I looked through tags and did google search, but no dice so far,

so, do you, dear vegancooking fiend (yes, fiend, not friend! though, maybe we could be) have any tried and true recipes you can recommend?

I have a surplus of motivation, so hit me up.

Tags: ethnic food-asian
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