xseitanistx (xseitanistx) wrote in vegancooking,

To Oil or Not to Oil [whipped cream]? THAT is the Question!

I want to try cashew whipped cream, but I am torn as to how to approach it. Essentially, there are two recipes I keep encountering:

+ 1 c cashews
+ 3/4 c water
+ 1 T maple syrup
+ 1/2 t vanilla


+ 1 c cashews
+ 1 c water
+ 1 c sunflower oil
+ 4 T maple syrup
+ 1/2 t vanilla

Although the proportions are slightly different, the recipes are essentially the same - except for one key difference: oil. Cashews are already really rich in fat, which is likely why they're such a good base for vegan creams, so I'm confused why the recipe calls for even more fat. However, I do want that rich silky feeling of whipped cream sliding across my tongue, and I worry that omitting the oil means foregoing that texture. Anyone tried it both ways and found a notable difference? What are your experiences with cashew whipped creams?
Tags: nuts-cashews, substitutes-dairy-whipped cream
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