Cake Boy (gasolinebreath) wrote in vegancooking,
Cake Boy


hey, I'm looking into making a Vegan mudcake for a friend and i just wanted to get some sort of feedback from anyone if they have ever attempted this before.

Basically, has anyone ever made one before? I've found some recipes but sometimes they can be unreliable and i'm very short tempered with cakes so if it's not perfect i'm going to stab myself probably.

The other thing is my friend is allergic to soy so i'm hoping to supplement that with rice milk? any other suggestions on good milk alternatives for cooking cakes. Preferably, not too pricey. I'm thinking Almond might work well?

and also because i'm basically an idiot when it comes to cake does anyone have any good recipes for icing/glaze for the top. probably something chocolatey.

thanks in advance.
Tags: desserts-cakes-chocolate
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