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Baking with Agave?

I've successfully used agave in making fruit crisps/crumbles and in a cupcake recipe that had called for maple syrup. While I probably wouldn't want to use it in cookies, because liquid sweeteners tend to make cookies cakey in a way I don't like (I prefer crisp/crunchy cookies), I want to start using agave in more of my baking, for health reasons (it falls low on the glycemic index)...particularly in cakey things like cakes, cupcakes, muffins and fruit-breads.

Also, is it possible to use it in frostings or would the liquid texture preclude this?

I tried looking on Amazon and there is a book about baking with agave, but the reviews were not good. So, I'm turning to you, vegancooking folks, to help me with the following:

1) Any tips for converting recipes with regular sugar to work with agave nectar?

2) If you've made any stellar (or even really good) agave-sweetened baked goods, I'd love it if people could post the recipes or links to recipes in the comments. (If you have recipes you don't want to post publicly, feel free to send me a message privately.)

3) Any tried-and-true resources (cookbooks, websites) for agave-sweetened recipes?

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