joellemohn (joellemohn) wrote in vegancooking,

family reunion

in august im attending a family reunion with my whopping 27 extended family members, different familys will be assigned to cook different meals. my sister and i, who're both vegan are in charge of a breakfast and a dinner. ive got the breakfast figured out: pancakes. But im having a hard time deciding on something for dinner. id love to make a completely vegan meal for the whole family, that all the meat eaters will love, and doesnt require hours of cooking to do so. does anyone have any ideas for the meal? Oh! and the nearest healthfood store is 75 miles away, since were staying in a large cabin, or should i say lodge? , in a national park, and i have to transport the perishable ingredients from my home, four hours away from the lodge... so i need something that doesnt require many uncommon vegan substitutes and such.
Tags: co-ops/large volume recipes/tips, foods that non-vegans would like, party foods &/or potlucks
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