deathwish (monsteur) wrote in vegancooking,

popsicle recipes?

I  LOVE Dreyer's Fruit Bars (strawberry, please!) and would love to make some of my own.  Their ingredient list* is extremely minimal, but the one thing they use, the one thing I love, I'm not really comfortable with on my own.  If you have had these popsicles, you know they are slightly chewy and super creamy.  I've researched guar gum and it's pretty 50/50 with health pros and cons; my body is pretty sensitive, so I'd rather just leave it out if I'm going to be downing these left and right when I make them (hey, Austin is in the triple digits!).  That being said, since it also has carob bean gum, could I just double that to replace the guar?

Recipes?  I've never used any gums before and I'd really like to avoid nut milks.  So Delicious has a coconut milk yogurt I want to try, so if I like how those taste, they could be a possibility.  


* water, strawberries, sugar, carob bean gum, natural flavors, guar gum, citric acid, color (beet juice extract, turmeric color), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
Tags: desserts-popsicles/ice lollies
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