nanda नान्दा (nandamai) wrote in vegancooking,
nanda नान्दा

vegan, wheat-free camp food ideas?

I seem to be allergic to wheat and I've just cut it out of my diet this week. (Me=wheat-free n00b. Who already feels a zillion times better.) Cooking at home isn't hard so far, but I'll be camping twice this summer and I'm trying to come up with meal ideas. Beyond replacing pancakes with oatmeal, I'm drawing a blank. Gluten is fine. It's just wheat.

This is backpack camping, not car camping, so weight is an issue.

Any ideas? Or if you have other advice about living wheat-free, I'll take that, too! I'm going through the tags but I can use all the help I can get.
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, pack friendly foods/camping trips
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