la p'tite merveilleuse (firespryte333) wrote in vegancooking,
la p'tite merveilleuse

Japanese Mayonnaise

I've been lacto-vegetarian my whole life, and am now much closer to vegan (though I occasionally allow myself my slip-ups), so I don't really know what Japanese mayonnaise tastes like. Given how little I like the taste of egg, I'd rather keep it that way. However, I want to try making vegan sushi pizza, for which Japanese mayonnaise must be used. Have any of you experimented with this? Can anyone give me any tips on how I might approximate the flavour?

I use Spectrum brand canola-based eggless mayonnaise, although I wouldn't mind getting one of the tofu-based brands instead.
Tags: condiments-mayonnaise, ethnic food-japanese
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