elektra 168 (elektra_168) wrote in vegancooking,
elektra 168

Single-serve and easy cleanup blender recommendation

Hello! I have a question about blenders - I checked the tags, but could not find anything about smaller, 'single-serve' blenders.

I used to make a smoothie every morning, but the cleanup of my Kitchen-Aid blender, plus putting it all back together each time, has really deterred me. I've been skipping breakfast lately, and would really like to get back into soymilk, fruit, and protein powder smoothies.

I've been looking into smaller 'personal-size' blenders that promise easy cleanup, and it looks like there are two main contenders out there:

Back to Basics:

Hamilton Beach:

Has anyone used these products, and do you have a recommendation? The two big factors for me are ice crushing, and ease of cleanup. The fewer parts / pieces to disassemble and clean, the better!

Finally, if you have a favorite breakfast smoothie recipe to share, I would love to hear it.

Tags: -appliances-blenders, beverages-smoothies
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