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Vegan 'shortcake', and creamy soups.

Two things I suck at as a cook are baked pastries, and sauces (or soups that need to be blended).

Does anyone have some suggestions/recipes that are not terribly difficult to follow for vegan shortbread? My 11 year old desperately wants strawberry shortcake, or some facsimile thereof, for her birthday this weekend. I've tried a few times over the years to make this, but the shortbread has always been a huge disappointment. At best it's been too dense and heavy, at worst it's been.. indescribably horrible. If possible, something that does not include too-specialized ingredients would be great as well.

My favourite soup in the whole world used to be a nice Irish potato soup, before I went vegan. I have also never found a way to make a creamy based soup that didn't separate, taste like plastic (I really dislike vegan 'cheese' products, and think they taste like petroleum products), or congeal when it cools. If anyone has any cooking methods, ingredient suggestions, or magic tricks, I would be so grateful.
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