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dessert party - help!

For my flatwarming I decided to have a dessert and cocktail party (and I kinda wanna use this as an opportunity to prove that vegan CAN taste good!)
The menu is as follows:
Pumpkin pie
Lemon Pie
Chocolate cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes
Chocolate mousse
Apple and Berry Crumble

Its in a couple of days, but I need help with the following things:
- In my pre-vegan days my 'speciality' dessert was lemon meringue pie. I can veganise everything but meringues, but was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a topping (I realise nothing vegan can really do meringue) because the only idea I have so far is walnut crumble topping and I don't think that would work.
- Does anyone have a chocolate mousse recipe? I tried blended tofu and melted dark chocolate but it didn't have the same lightness as its non-vegan counterpart. It did make me think I could somehow fashion it in to some sort of pie though although this defeats its purpose of being gluten free. I do have a couple of guests that are gluten free and am stuck at what to make them that would appease most of my omni friends.

So please throw recipes (gluten-free please!), ideas and hints at me, it'll be totally appreciated! (oh and if you want any of the recipes)
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, desserts-mousse, foods that non-vegans would like
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