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Pasta with lemon-pepper tempeh and zucchini

Turtle Island has just introduced three types of pre-marinated tempeh. I grabbed one of each at the co-op for about $3.50 a piece, and here's what I made with the Lemon-Pepper variety:

Pasta with lemon-pepper tempeh and zucchini

Put spaghetti or other pasta for two on to cook.

Add a tablespoon of olive oil to a large skillet preheated over medium. Crumble in one package of marinated tempeh strips (I sort of scraped off the extra seasonings that were caked on one side of the tempeh, and I think I'd do that again, but you could get some more flavor punch by leaving it on). Also add one medium zucchini, thinly sliced. I also added two garlic-stuffed green olives, coarsely chopped (optional, but tasty!) Saute about 10 minutes, or until the zucchini is softened and starting to color, and the tempeh shows signs of browning. Some fresh or dried dill or thyme would be good thrown in at the last minute, if you had it. Drain the pasta and toss it with the tempeh mixture. Serves two.

I like Turtle Island's version of this product a bit better than the one made by Light Life, but that one was pretty good also. If memory serves, Turtle Island's is cheaper, but maybe not distributed as widely. Also note that the Light Life ones are precooked, but the Turtle Island ones are not. On the other hand, Turtle Island's are gluten free, but the Light Life ones are not. Light Life's are significantly lower in sodium.

All told, these things certainly aren't as cheap as seasoning your own tempeh, but they seem to be handy shortcuts to keep in the freezer or fridge. I'll report on the other flavors as I try them.
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