yael_cwen (yael_cwen) wrote in vegancooking,

Easiest pasta

In the last days I found a very easy way to make pasta, and very tasty. I didn't find a post with similar idea, so I hope nobody has posted before me.

It all started when I made some pasta (whole grain flour) and took a jar of pesto sauce from the fridge. I opened it and found this white stuff above it... everything went to the garbage. So I had a ready hot pasta and no sauce. And I don't like eating dry pasta.

Well, didn't have much of a choice. I put some olive oil on it, and mixed with a large amount of nutrition yeasts (powder, not flakes). And it was very delicious! So I wanted to share. (And it is my first post here. I'm exited).

I also mix it with Wakame seeweeds. For some reason it goes together.

So here it is again:
1. Make pasta for one person
2. Put some olive oil over the pasta (2-4 TBS)
3. Put some nutritional yeasts (powder) (1-2 TBS)
4. Mix
5. Put some Wakame that were soaked in water (optional) (Just catch with fingers from the bag)
6. Mix again

Easiest way to make pasta in my opinion if you don't buy an already made sauce.
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