Melissa (assilembob) wrote in vegancooking,

West Soy Seitan

Anyone use this particular brand of seitan? I scored three packages of it for $1.50 (total....50 each) today and need to figure out what to do with it.

1. Can I freeze it? If so, just throw the package in the freezer or should I do something else to it first? It "expires" Friday.
2. Should I just slice it up and add it to stir fry, rice, pasta?
3. Can I marinate it? Would it help at all?
4. Wanting to do a BBQ sandwich thingy with it...slice it up and slather sauce on it and call it good?

The package says it's pre-cooked, so add it to the recipe last cause all it needs is warming up. I've only had it once before and totally had to throw it out because I didn't read the whole "pre cooked" part and tried to bake it. Oops.
Tags: seitan
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