avant-tarde (silkfetus) wrote in vegancooking,

Ranch and/or Creamy Condiment/Veggie Dip Alternatives

A friend was asking me the other day about more healthy substitutes for ranch dressing. He is looking for something creamy with a similar taste that can be primarily used as a dipping sauce for vegetables. I've always disliked and avoided creamy condiments such as ranch so I really didn't have any suggestions for him, and the few things I could think of wouldn't be vegan. I don't even really know what ranch is usually made of, wiki tells me buttermilk or sour cream plus mayonnaise and spices.

So, what do y'all use for a ranch substitute? Are there any other creamy type condiments you like that are suitable as dips for raw veggies? Single ingredients, multiple ingredients, or full on recipes would all be appreciated.

TIA for any suggestions. :)
Tags: condiments-dips, salads-dressing
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