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whatever you like tostada/taco salad- PERFECT FOR SUMMER!

hey group :) i just whipped something up last night & today. i didn't see it in the tags and even though it's not necessarily original, it's my spin on a tostada/taco salad, posting in case somebody wants a fairly quick/easy dinner and needs ideas.

ingredients i used:
-1 whole can of corn
-3 spoons of black beans
-2 spoonfuls minced garlic
-1/3 a cup of salsa
-3 green chile peppers, cooked (roasted & peeled) & cut
-1 cup white rice (or another, if you like, i only had white)
-1 can (14 oz.) veggie broth
-1/2 fresh avocado
-pico de gallo
-salad mix (or you can cut it up and make it fresh, if you like)
-tostada shell (mine were store bought but i hear you can make them at home as well)

ingredients you can use:
-tomato sauce
-other veggies/beans.

1) i put the pan on the stove top, put the garlic in first to start. my dad's girlfriend usually cooks this up but this is my own spin on it. she uses olive oil at this point, but i skipped it because i like some of the rice a little crispy here and there.
2) i poured in the cup of rice and the veggie broth. then i poured on the corn and salsa.
3) i used one of the cooking spatulas to keep it moving for a bit, but then left it alone to cook for a while. eventually it got hot and was bubbling a bit, so i cut up the 3 chiles (i roasted and peeled these the night before) and put them into the mix, as well. around this point i also opened up the black beans and spooned about 3 spoonfuls in. you can do more or less- i did less because we were getting crowded.
4) covered the rice and let it cook for approximately a half hour or 40 minutes; i came back regularly to stir it and keep too much of it from sticking to the pan.
5) after i turned off the stove and let the rice remain covered, i prepped my tostada/taco bowl. this is the easiest part. on the bottom i put cut up avocado, and on top of that, a layer of pico de gallo. then i covered those layers with lots of lettuce and salad mix to get a big green bed. then i spooned a bunch of the now-cooler rice on top of it, and then plopped some more of the avocado on top.
6) enjoy! naturally, you can change up your layering or add other peppers, vegan sour cream or cheese, use guacamole instead of fresh avocado, cut up cilantro, etc. the combinations are endless. also, there's enough of the ingredients left over that later if you want to work it into a burrito on some tortillas you have, you can do that, too. i'm a mix and match kind of person, so whatever sounds good gets thrown together.

here are some pics of the completed meal (i hope they're small enough, sorry if they are too big for some):

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